Mini and Micro Gas Turbines

Mini and Micro gas turbines are becoming increasingly relevant among today’s research of power production technologies. These turbines are smaller, lighter, less-polluting, and less expensive than traditional power generation units. Gas turbines have high-grade waste heat, low maintenance costs, and low vibration levels. The micro versions of these turbines play a key role in micro combined heat and power (CHP) and micro power generation.

Micro gas turbines are highly efficient and can operate on a wide range of liquid and gaseous fuels with opportunities for lower emissions. They can also be installed in a large variety of circumstances because of their compact size and low noise level.

What does this say about the potential of these mini turbines? These small engines may possess the potential to power individual homes, freeing them from the power grids that lead to large-scale blackouts. This vision is ambitious, but the technology could be ready before we know it.

SoftInWay is very excited about the progress and potential of mini and micro gas turbine technology. We will be discussing the industry trends, design process, and specific cases of these turbines in our upcoming Webinar on October 9th.

If you are interested in attending this free webinar, you can register here.

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