Upcoming Webinar: Design and Optimization of Axial and Mixed Flow Fans for High Efficiency and Low Noise

Thursday, May 18 | 10:00 – 11:00 AM EST

Axial Fan CAD Image
Registration is now open for our May webinar demonstrating best practices for the development of competitive, high efficiency, and low noise axial and mixed flow fans for different aerodynamic loadings.

Axial and mixed flow fans have been in high demand for a number of years. The application of these machines span many different industries including HVAC, automotive, appliance, military equipment, and much more. Like many other types of turbomachinery, changing industry standards and market trends have resulted in fierce rivalry to compete on lifespan, efficiency, environmental and user friendliness, and overall quality. With this in mind, it goes without saying that companies are looking for tools needed to develop highly efficient equipment while minimizing noise as quiet fans are typically more desirable which results in higher demand and marketability.

Over the course of the last few years our company has experienced a number of clients coming to us requesting help with axial fan redesign. This is due to many factors including flawed code during the initial design. Often what would happen is the original design code would have issues with matching meanline/streamline simulations and CFD. This resulted in an insufficient design which, given the increased competition in the market, is less than ideal. Currently, we support different clients in these industries through the use and application of AxSTREAM®. By utilizing our software platform clients can develop competitive, high efficiency, and low noise axial and mixed flow fans the first time around or redesign existing models to meet their full potential.

Due to our experience, we wanted to share our expertise in our upcoming complementary webinar. Topics covered include:

Axial Fan CAD Front

  1. An overview of axial and mixed flow fans and their practical application
  2. Requirements of axial and mixed flow fans
  3. Noise estimation techniques
  4. Axial fan design using the AxSTREAM® software platform
  5. Fan blade design and optimization
  6. Fan aerodynamic blade loadings and performance simulation


The webinar also consists of a live software demonstration and a Q&A session with the presenter at the end of the presentation. Register below or follow this link for more information!

Register Here!

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