2020 – The Most Challenging Year in Recent Memory Comes to a Close Pt. 1

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We’ve done it! We have reached the finish-line for 2020, and by golly did it not come soon enough. Here at SoftInWay, the trials and tribulations brought on by the events of 2020 were felt, but thanks to the support of our partners, friends and customers, we were able to close out the year strong. So what did SoftInWay do this year?

Siemens Partnership

Siemens Partnership

Right at the beginning of 2020, SoftInWay, Inc. officially entered a new partnership with Siemens Digital Industries. As SoftInWay has reigned as the turbomachinery master, we realize that turbomachinery component and system design is often part of a much greater system. As deadlines on projects become tighter, and project budgets decrease in the face of rising expenses, it has become more important than ever to have a streamlined workflow and toolset. Enter the SoftInWay/Siemens partnership. Thanks to this new enterprise, SoftInWay offers joint software solutions to mechanical engineering and turbomachinery companies. Industry standard tools like STAR-CCM+, Simcenter 3D, and NX CAD are now offered alongside the AxSTREAM platform. These gold-standard tools cover everything from component preliminary design to advanced heat transfer analysis, finite-element analysis, and CFD analysis, with results generated in a matter of hours.

With mechanical engineering showing no signs of slowing down in making the move to model-based systems engineering (MBSE), SoftInWay will be with engineers and companies every step of the way.

No Engineer Left Behind

2020 saw one of the worst unemployment crises in modern history, and the entire fallout of this is still unknown, with millions of people including engineers looking for work. We saw industry giants buying out employee retirements at a greatly accelerated pace, and other companies in normally stable industries like oil and energy as well as aviation make across-the-board budget cutbacks, R&D project suspensions, and layoffs/downsizing not seen in at least a decade.

In light of all of this, SoftInWay initiated “No Turbomachinery Engineer Left Behind”, as more engineers began working remotely or found themselves out of a job. This program allowed engineers to enroll in one of SoftInWay’s many online turbomachinery courses, and pick up new skills or refresh old ones in their newfound downtime.

No Turbomachinery Engineer Left Behind

Upon successful completion of a course, the registrant would receive a certification for completing this course which, in addition to looking nice on an engineering resumé, can help with beginning a new career. When asked about this in retrospect, marketing director Kim Squillante commented, “If our free courses added incentive for people to stay home and flatten the curve, and helped a single engineer with finding a new job, I would say ‘No Engineer Left Behind’ is a success.” Looking back, Squillante stated she and the executive team at SoftInWay were especially proud to lead this initiative in such a dark time.

Special Seminars

While the SoftInWay team would normally have attended about a dozen or so trade shows throughout the year, the current situation has led to all events being held virtually for the time being. With that, our in-person seminars and workshops have also transitioned online; and with it, so has enthusiasm from our seminar and workshop registrants! Starting in late spring, the SoftInWay team held several seminars on key topics in mechanical engineering such as turbomachinery testing and understanding and applying API Standards to turbomachinery rotor dynamics.


These seminars proved popular, as dozens of engineers from a wide range of industries came to learn more about these specialized topics from SoftInWay’s engineers. In fact, our API Standards and Rotor Dynamics seminar was so well received, we made it a course on our Turbomachinery University, and is available to enroll in at any time!  At the end of the seminars, engineers received a certification for completing the seminar to help with career advancement.

As trade shows continue to be held online, the SoftInWay team will schedule more seminars to be held online, continuing the education mission of SoftInWay for the foreseeable future.

Record-Breaking Webinars

Since hosting our in-person seminars and workshops was not feasible, the SoftInWay team scheduled several unique webinars that differed from our regular sessions by being more interactive with a workshop portion as part of the program. Our first special webinar was on turbocharger design and analysis paired with GT-SUITE which we hosted back in September. The webinar saw record attendance numbers and increased interaction as attendees could use trial versions of AxSTREAM and work with the demo files used in the webinar.

GT-SUITE and AxSTREAM Turbocharger

Additionally, the SoftInWay team shared a look at the cutting edge of turbomachinery R&D, hosting webinars on topics like active magnetic bearings, and automated turbomachinery design, while also implementing these new concepts in applications of interest like hydrogen fuel cells. This formula made for very popular webinars, with registrations and attendance at an all-time high since SoftInWay started hosting webinars in 2011!

As remote work remains the current status quo, the SoftInWay team is planning more interactive webinars, with the next one covering turbomachinery reverse engineering, and creating a digital twin, taking place in January!

A New Axial Compressor Course

After a great deal of anticipation and excitement, SoftInWay Turbomachinery University released its latest self-paced courses covering axial compressor design. These courses feature a workshop course which covers compressor design in AxSTREAM, and an online training course which includes the fundamentals of designing an axial compressor, as well as a hands-on workshop.

Axial Compressor Image

Topics and modules covered during this training include gas dynamics and cycles, axial compressor preliminary design, meanline/streamline analysis, profiling and 3D blade design, and 3D CFD and FEA. If you are curious to learn more about the fundamentals of designing an axial compressor, or how it’s done in AxSTREAM, head on over to our course list and get started!

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