2020 – The Most Challenging Year in Recent Memory Comes to a Close Pt. 2

Part 1

Turbomachinery, Humanized

The SoftInWay turbomachinery blog is known for its technical breakdowns and explanations of mechanical engineering theory and practices, as well as introductions to things like rotor dynamics. This year however, the marketing team also wanted to cover some of the individuals behind the advances in turbomachinery and engineering by looking at figures like Sir Frank Whittle and Sir Charles Parsons among others.

We looked at the big picture, and why the developments of the steam and gas turbines were so crucial to mankind. In addition to the revolutionary changes in global transportation brought about by jet engines and steam turbines, we also examined the turbocharger, which has become a game changer in the automotive industry as automakers are locked in a race to improve engine performance and fuel economy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. After all, why learn the theories of mechanical engineering if not to make advances in science, technology, and society overall?

AxSTREAM Upgrades and Updates

SoftInWay’s tech support team works around the clock to ensure our customers have access to the best tool for turbomachinery design, analysis, and optimization. A large part of their work is expanding on AxSTREAM’s existing capabilities to continuously  push the envelope of turbomachinery R&D. And boy, did our team push the envelope this year.

Active magnetic bearings have been a source of fascination for engineers working in rotor dynamics and structural analysis for rotating equipment, as these bearings offer an oil-free and high-reliability alternative to conventional lubricated bearings. This technology is becoming more commonplace in engineering, yet remains a challenge to design and model. Never ones to back down from a challenge, the SoftInWay team has worked to incorporate active magnetic bearings into AxSTREAM, so that the physical properties and the appropriate control logic and electromagnetic properties can also be accounted for, ensuring that AxSTREAM’s users are working at the cutting edge of turbomachinery engineering.

AxSTREAM Rotor Dynamics 2020

In addition, the latest version of AxSTREAM ION was released, bringing to life the latest version of SoftInWay’s trademarked co-simulation program. Its 4 core functions of program integration/automation, multi-disciplinary optimization, artificial intelligence, and digital twin capabilities make it the most potent program for mechanical engineering projects both inside and outside the scope of turbomachinery. AxSTREAM ION’s latest release marks a continued commitment to streamlining engineering projects, and ensuring a uniform workflow which in turn cuts manpower necessities, prevents budget overruns, and reduces project times.


Lastly, AxSTREAM NET’s latest updates have paved the way for increased capabilities in modeling thermal and fluid networks both in and outside of turbomachinery applications. Notable, capabilities and applications include diesel engine lubricating systems, industrial refrigerator systems, and aircraft anti-icing systems.

More Government Projects

Despite economic downturns affecting aerospace, oil/gas, and other industries, SoftInWay persevered in working to further the cause of turbomachinery R&D; and a contributor to SoftInWay’s success in 2020 was the SBIR/STTR awards given by the US government.

Early in 2020, SoftInWay won a contract to develop a multi-use hypersonic engine through a Phase 1 SBIR award through the AFWERX program. With a renewed race to supersonic travel in civil aerospace, and a continual need to advance the state of the art in defense, SoftInWay is proud to be an early adopter of new turbomachinery applications.


In the third quarter of 2020, SoftInWay was awarded an SBIR contract from NASA to develop an autonomous AI framework which generates highly accurate axial compressor performance maps for airbreathing propulsion engines and power generation units. Although it was a formidable challenge, it was nothing that SoftInWay’s engineers could not handle. SoftInWay’s engineering team has been working to completely change the way turbomachinery is designed, by cutting significant development time and increase R&D capabilities by using AxSTREAM, AxSTREAM ION, and other tools that are commercially available. By having these tools work in tandem with AxSTREAM at the core of the program, SoftInWay will carve the way forward in mechanical engineering R&D and enable companies from the biggest industry giants to the smallest startups to have the best means possible to design cutting edge turbomachinery.


A second Moroz came to the world

The Moroz family, the founders and owners of SoftInWay, had an especially meaningful 2020, as they were blessed with another child. Zoe Moroz was born in September of this year, making COO Valentine Moroz a father for the second time, and making CEO Dr. Leonid Moroz a grandfather once more.

Looking Ahead

After a year like no other, the SoftInWay team is looking forward to hitting the ground running in 2021, and continuing to push the envelope of turbomachinery and mechanical engineering R&D, kicking it off with events like our reverse-engineering and digital twin webinar happening on January 21st . From all of us here at SoftInWay, have a very happy, healthy Holiday Season, and we look forward to working with you in the new year!