Choosing the Right Turbomachinery Component

Traditionally the engineering process starts with Front End Engineering Design (FEED) which is essentially the conceptual design to realize the feasibility of the project and to get an estimate of the investments required. This step is also a precursor to defining the scope for Engineering Procurement and Construction Activities (EPC). Choosing the right EPC consultant is crucial as this shapes the final selection of the equipment in the plant including turbomachinery.

Large thermal power machine

Choosing the right component for the right application is not an easy task. Too many times, one ends up choosing a component that is not the best choice by far. This is quite true when we look at component selections in the process industries compared to those in a power plant where the operating conditions are more or less constant. This improper selection of components is due to multiple reasons such as: insufficient research and studies; limitation of time, resources, budget etc.

Top 3 Problems When Selecting Components

Insufficient Data

The most important factor in selecting a component is the technical data. Sometimes the machine is to operate as part of the process and is influenced by the various components in a system. In such a situation, the component operation is influenced by the upstream and downstream component. For example, let’s take a process compressor that is driven by a steam turbine. The steam turbine operation depends on the steam parameters which are dictated by the boiler and other components in the steam cycle. The compressor is needed to supply air for the process, and the requirement of the compressed air is influenced by the process requirements. Both the steam and compressed air are varying parameters, controlled by the system requirements. If they are to operate at only one condition, then sufficient technical data is available. But, if they are to operate at different conditions, then there is a limit on the availability of the data unless all scenarios are studied.

A compromise is made in the design process, and the most important operating conditions of the component are studied and ultimately the component is selected based on this limited data.

Inadequate Research and Studies

Selection of a product is very important, regardless if you plan to procure an off-the-shelf product or design and develop the component yourself. Researching the product before procurement is essential. There are many influencing factors considered before final selection such as: product references, prior experiences, marketing strategies, etc. If the product is to be designed and developed, it is limited by inadequate research and studies due to limitations of available resources, facilities, time and cost.

Time and Resource

Time and resources are other crucial factors which affects the right selection. If all scenarios under which the component is to operate are to be studied, these studies need time and resources. Similarly, custom development of the product to meet a particular application also costs time and resources.

How to Achieve the Best Component Selections Given Real-World Limitations

For the past two decades, SoftInWay Inc. has been working with many global OEM’s to design and develop different turbomachinery. The rich experience gained on these various turbomachinery engineering components has given SoftInWay a process to allow plant owners to choose the right turbomachinery for their specific needs. SoftInWay has developed various tools such as AxCYCLE™ (system level design) and AxSTREAM® (component level design, analysis, and optimization), and is now closely working with different stake holders from FEED to EPC to OEM’S and O & M to ensure not only is the right turbomachinery selected, but also this turbomachinery offers the best returns on investment for all stake holders.

AxSTREAM ION™ is one of our tools that help in integrating and automating the entire engineering process. This automation reduces the time and resources needed to study a component.

Integration and automating engineering process

When a new project is initiated, the consultants are the first to work on the conceptual and feasibility studies for the project. Working with different projects, there is a huge extent of data which is available with these consultants, which consists of vendor details, product features, technical specs etc. It’s not easy to sift through all these required details. Using AxCYCLE™ and AxCYCLE Economics, one can perform the conceptual thermodynamic studies and evaluate the best options quickly. Utilizing our machine learning and Artificial Intelligence models in AxSTREAM ION™, the consultants can simplify their process of organizing and analyzing the database and choose the right turbomachinery. If a new set of customized designs is to be done, the software allows companies to use their custom database to work on the project through conceptual to detailed design; getting ready to manufacture prototypes all on one platform.

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