Come home. Book your ticket for the Turbo & Pump Symposia

The 43rd Turbomachinery and 30th Pump Symposia are quickly approaching. The 3-day event will begin on September 22nd in Houston, Texas at the George R. Brown Convention Center. The Symposia are organized in order to promote professional development, technology transfer, peer networking and information exchange among industry professionals. The event serves as a premier training and networking opportunity for professionals in both the turbomachinery and pump industries.

2013 Symposia
Source: Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station

In ancient Greece, a symposium was a drinking party. Hosted by Socrates and philosophers alike, they were used to celebrate and discuss matters most vital to the universe. The “symposium” was a source of pride for the ancient aristocrats.

For more recent generations, the “Symposium” has been a concept used to bring people together based on their commonalities. Thousands of individuals, all involved in the same industries, hobbies, or clubs, are gathered under one roof to interact in a way that is not normally possible. Attendees and presenters have the chance to pool their knowledge and communicate to those with which they have so much in common. If you have ever felt like an intruder on an alien planet, then a symposium is a trip home, where everyone speaks your language, digs your research, and has a matching name tag.

5857 people, from all over the engineering world, attended last year’s Pump & Turbo Symposia, and this year’s turnout is looking just as promising. Attendees came from 53 different countries. A large range of job titles was represented, including Technicians, Engineers, Managers, and Executives. 322 companies exhibited their latest and greatest achievements in the Oil & Gas, Chemical/Petrochemical, Power, Water, Mining/Metals, and Manufacturing/Repair industries.

There are many reasons to join SoftInWay at this event. Here are just a few:

  • You can attend training courses led by top industry experts.
  • You will learn best practices to benefit your company
  • See leading suppliers of the equipment you use and FULL-SIZED exhibits of the latest equipment
  • You will encounter endless networking opportunities
  • And of course, SoftInWay will be there!

SoftInWay is eager to show you what we have been up to in the last year. We hope you are able to visit us at booth #807. Among the things that will be showing is how we upgraded a 40-year-old 4-stage Centrifugal Compressor to increase mass flow by 20%, and the newest features of our AxSTREAM and AxCYCLE software.

Find more information here.

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