Event Roundup: Turbo Expo 2015

Another ASME Turbo Expo has come to an end. This year’s event, held in Montréal’s Palais des Congrés, brought together thousands of turbomachinery professionals from around the world.

Valentine Moroz presents
Valentine Moroz presents on the uses of crowd-souring










The conference offered many events and sessions covering a wide range of topics. These included:

– Cycle Innovations
– Heat Transfer
– Microturbines & Turbochargers
– Structures & Dynamics
– Turbomachinery

Did you miss SoftInWay’s stage presentations or tutorial session? 

Find the content of our Stage Presentations below:

Crowdsourced Innovation – A Next Generation Integrated Software Environment for Turbomachinery Cycle & Component Design, Analysis, & Optimization 
View Presentation >>>

Leveraging Cross-Industry Know-How for Thermodynamic Cycles & Turbomachinery Component Innovation
View Presentation >>>

You can also view live recordings of all three presentations on our YouTube channel!

See members of our team, including Valentine Moroz, Abdul, Nassar, and Leonid Moroz, present SoftInWay’s latest work to Turbo Expo attendees.

Watch Crowdsourced Innovation  with Valentine Moroz.

Watch Leveraging Cross-Industry Know-How with Abdul Nassar.

Design & Evaluation Considerations of WHR Technologies with Leonid Moroz, Clement Joly, Abdul Nassar, and Valentine Moroz, will be up shortly!

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