Event Roundup – Turbo Pump 2015

Last week, SoftInWay attended the Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia in Houston, Texas. The conference consisted of many fascinating displays and presentations. There was a lot to see and learn.

Our booth and team at the symposium

We noticed many new industry trends and patterns during our time in Texas, but some were more prevalent than others. One thing that caught our attention in particular: Utilities and Oil & Gas owners and operators want to do more with performance prediction independently of OEMs. This would cut out a middleman and allow owners and operators to cut time and costs within their projects.

Our tools provide modules needed to conduct performance prediction. Are you hoping to independently predict performance for your next project? We would love to talk to you. Send us an email to learn more about the capabilities of AxSTREAM and AxCYCLE.

Were you at the conference? Let us know what you noticed in the comments.

One thought on “Event Roundup – Turbo Pump 2015

  1. Although the OEM does offer a direction of how often and sometimes why, they do not tailor a maintenance program to the particular clients site. This is only a broad program that covers the entire fleet of his product (worst case). A real time maintenance program targeted for a particular client comes from an in depth investigation of that site. This may include serious extensions/reductions of maintenance interval times, after investigating deviates such as Temp., air quality, RPM’s, cycles of processes; Temp., Pressure, Flow, Loads,.
    A true maintenance program looks at the big picture, not only what the OEM recommends (based on the worst case of the population of the fleet he has in the field).Instead use the circumstances a true user is observed to use that equipment.

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