Free Webinar: Maximizing Turbocharger Boost with Advanced Design Features

turbochargerinengineTurbochargers, nowadays, are becoming increasingly common in the internal combustion engines of automobiles in order to improve fuel economy and meet government emission regulations. A turbocharger must provide a designed increase in pressure under load condition (design point) while generating enough power at the low end (loss mass flow region). Internal combustion engine working characteristics, however, prevent a centrifugal compressor from generating enough boost at the low end when radial turbine rotational speed is low. This webinar will review the advanced design features needed to increase boost (pressure ratio) and widen mass flow range (increasing the surge margin) of compressors, and to increase turbine efficiency.

Advanced features of centrifugal compressor design include:

  1. Variable inlet guide vane with casing treatment
  2. Additional axial compressor stage before the centrifugal compressor
  3. Two-stage centrifugal compressors

Advanced features for increasing radial turbine efficiency include:

  1. Variable geometry
  2. High performance rotating blade design

The webinar will review current industrial approaches and trends of these turbochargers, and include a real-time AxSTREAM demonstration of these advanced design features. Don’t miss it! Register here!

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