New Waste Heat Recovery Features in AxCYCLE Available Now

AxCYCLE IC engine
AxCYCLE IC engine

Have you checked out AxCYCLE recently?

SoftInWay officially announced the latest features with the release of version 2.3.

With this update, the system’s new tools are available to all users, but waste heat recovery application engineers, particularly in the automotive industry, should take notice.

If you haven’t tried AxCYCLE yet, maybe now is the time!

AxCYCLE offers ultrafast and reliable calculations for heat balance and thermodynamic simulations. The product, released back in late September 2013, was under development for the last few months to focus on several key features.

Our development team listened to our clients who specifically stated they want to see an IC engine and gas turbine library, so we created an OEM internal combustion engine library as well as an OEM gas turbine library. But we also brought some fresh, new features to AxCYCLE – features that we are proud to say are the first of its kind on the market. Take a look:

• Expanded Fluid Library with all major fluids for waste heat recovery systems
• Customizable Internal Combustion OEM Engines Library
• Customizable Gas Turbine OEM library
• Improved visualizations and mapping capabilities to run multi-point analysis
You can read the entire press release here.

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