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Throughout the upcoming months, SoftInWay will be releasing chapters of the book, Optimization of the Axial Turbines Flow Paths on this blog. The proposed book comprehensively addresses the problem of turbomachine optimization, starting with the fundamentals of the optimization theory of the axial turbine flow paths, its development, and ending with specific examples of the optimal design of cylinder axial turbines. To receive notifications of when a new chapter is released, subscribe to our blog by typing your email into the box at the top left of the page.



Cover Title - Axial Turbine Flow Paths


Chapter 1 Statement of the Axial Turbine’s Flow Path
Optimal Design Problem
1.1 Mathematical Models and the Object Design Problem
1.2 Optimization of Complex Technical Devices
1.3 Building Subsystems FMM
1.4 Optimization Methods
1.5 The Practice of Numerical Methods Usage for Local Leveled Optimization Problems Solution
Chapter 2 Mathematical Modelling of the Turbomachine
Flow Path Elements
2.1 Equations of State
2.4 Flow Path Elements Macro Modelling
2.2 Aerodynamic Models
2.3 Geometric and Strength Model
2.5 Thermal Cycles Modelling
Chapter 3 Determining the Optimal Stages Number of
Module and the Heat Drop Distribution
3.1 Analytical Solutions
3.2 Preliminary Design of the Multistage Axial Flow Turbine Method Description
Chapter 4 Optimization of the Axial Turbine Parameters Along the Stage Radius
4.1 Formulation of the Problem
4.2 The Impact of Leaks on the Axial Turbine Stages Crowns Twist Laws
4.3 The Axial Turbine Stage Optimization Along the Radius in View of Leakages
4.4 The Effect of Tangential Lean on the Characteristics of Axial Turbine Stage
Chapter 5 Optimal Cascades Profiling
5.1. The Cascade’s Basic Geometry Parameters Optimization
5.2 Profiles Cascades Shaping Methods
5.3 Optimization of Geometric Quality Criteria
5.4 Minimum Profile Loss Optimization
5.5 Optimal Profiling Examples
Chapter 6 Application of Computational Aerodynamics for Blades Shape Optimization
6.1 Problem Statement
6.2 Representation of Blades Geometry
6.4 Algorithm of Spatial Aerodynamic Optimization of the Blade Cascades of Axial Turbines
6.5 The Impact of Simple Tangential Lean on the Flow Through the Turbine Circumferential Cascade
6.6 The Influence of Complex Tangential Lean on the Flow in Circumferential Turbine Cascade
6.7 Optimization with the Mass Flow Rate Preservation Through the Cascade
Chapter 7 Experience and Examples of Optimization of Axial Turbines Flow Paths
7.1 Multi-Criterion Optimization of HPC of Powerful Steam Turbines at Nominal Operational Mode
7.2 Optimal Design of the Axial Turbines Flow Paths Taking into Consideration the Mode of Operation

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