Optimizing Your Power Plant Redesign

Our next webinar will be held on February 26th and cover the best industry practices when it comes to power plant redesign. The constant increase of global energy consumption and rising cost of fuel require higher energy generating capacity with a simultaneous improvement of the efficiency of energy conversion processes. The greatest effect of improving the performance of existing power plants and other energy systems can be obtained by modifying the thermodynamic cycles of these plants.

The Kendall Cogeneration Station in Cambridge, MA

Not all of the energy companies can afford to completely replace the expensive equipment of their power plants and, in many cases, such a decision to do so is irrational. As practice shows, based on the real demands of our customers, most companies prefer the modification or redesign of existing plants while maintaining most of the original equipment.

Despite the fact that extensive experience in the redesign of the thermodynamic cycles of power plants has been accumulated today, this task is quite complicated and time consuming for novice engineers and requires a preliminary analysis of a large number of information sources. To help novice engineers we have collected the most effective methods of thermodynamic cycle improvement for existing power plants and have led a number of useful recommendations.

Analysis and redesign of the thermodynamic cycle of the unit is the first and most important phase of the process of unit performance improvement. Solving these tasks with minimal time and financial costs is impossible without using reliable and effective tools.

Our webinar will discuss the capabilities of the AxCYCLE software in optimizing the redesign and analysis of thermodynamic cycles.

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