Part Two: A Company Snapshot of 2019 – Looking Back and Looking Forward

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Software Upgrades:

2019 was a year of innovation and exploration for our engineering team as we worked with our customers to develop capabilities both in and outside the realm of turbomachinery. Our dedicated structural and rotor dynamics engineers worked with some of our AxSTREAM RotorDynamics customers to continually develop capabilities to perform torsional forced response analyses in reciprocating compressors. On the thermal-fluid modeling front, our engineers added capabilities to AxSTREAM NET, enabling it to be used for multiphase flows in heat exchangers, rocket engine nozzles, and refrigeration systems, as well as continued development of capabilities for analyzing secondary flows and leakages from turbomachinery flowpaths.


Rocket Nozzle Modeling in AxSTREAM NET
Rocket Nozzle Modeling in AxSTREAM NET (left) and CAD Model (right)

Perhaps one of the biggest buzzwords of the last decade (and for years to come!), SoftInWay’s engineers underwent a project to further streamline the turbomachinery design process leveraging Artificial intelligence (AI). While AxSTREAM ION™ had already made it possible to automate processes in AxSTREAM and enable interaction with external CAD/CAM programs and other commercial/in-house codes, AxSTREAM.AI™ takes it one step further. By utilizing machine learning to iterate designs continually and training the program to recognize feasible and infeasible designs, AxSTREAM.AI™ is able to develop components in just several hours, as opposed to month-long or year-long projects. As a result, R&D efforts for companies can be diverted to other tasks, and engineers need not worry about human error in their designs, and can benchmark their designs against AxSTREAM.AI™. We’re excited to further the development of AI solutions in turbomachinery and engineering design in 2020!

Turbopump Geometry Generated based on predictions from AxSTREAM.AI
External Growth:

2019 saw continued increase in new clients for SoftInWay as well as partnerships with other engineering software solution providers. The SoftInWay team and AxSTREAM platform now supports over 150 universities and more than 450 companies around the world in every industry where turbomachinery is found. In particular, we saw growth in the aerospace and defense industry; from the smallest startups to industry giants, and even the U.S. Government, AxSTREAM and SoftInWay’s engineers are helping companies’ dreams take flight, and exploring new technological solutions.

Internal Growth:

Lastly, the SoftInWay team grew internally. The Moroz family, who founded SoftInWay, welcomed a baby boy in May. Several new, talented folks joined our sales and marketing department, and our global engineering team has continued to grow with no end in sight.  We now have more than 80 engineers working around the world, ensuring no project is ever on hold, and AxSTREAM is always being improved for our customers.

Ari Moroz

Daniel Green Image

Turbo Expo SoftInWay
Looking Ahead:

Team SoftInWay is excited to hit the ground running in 2020, continuing to support engineers in their endeavors to improve the world we live in. Whether they’re sending supplies to the ISS, adding horsepower and improving fuel efficiency in automotive engines, powering countries and continents, or flying more people around the world faster and safer than ever before, SoftInWay will be with you every step of the way.

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