SoftInWay April Events and Why You Should Attend

supercriticalco2inaxcycleMarch just really flew by!

We’re kicking off April with our new Heat Balance Calculation with AxCYCLE online classes this month. Here’s three good reasons you should attend:

1. You’ll get to learn, understand and dive into our new conceptual cycle analysis tool that has built-in customizable OEM turbine and ICE libraries (perfect for engineers involved in waste heat recovery)

2. These online classes are two hours a day for only two days! You’ll master the online tool and start building steam cycles, combined cycles and supercritical CO2 cycles for power plants in a matter of minutes.

3. AxCYCLE is an affordable and efficient tool and so are the courses to learn how to use it! You’ll learn a great deal for a little. This is also a great way to evaluate AxCYCLE in depth. View the pricing here.

Here’s the schedule:

  1. April 15-16 from 9 AM EDT – 11 AM EDT – Heat Balance Calculation of Steam Cycle and Combined Cycle Power Plants
  2. April 28-29 from 9 AM EDT – 11 AM EDT – Heat Balance Calculation of Supercritical CO2 Power Plant Cycles

We’re also hosting our Centrifugal Compressor Design workshop April 7-11 in Zug, Switzerland and our Axial and Centrifugal Pump Design workshop April 7-11 in Boston.

Learn more about our courses by visiting the course description webpage or by calling our office at 1-781-328-4310.

What a busy month!


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