SoftInWay launches its Learning Center

Sneak peek of our new Learning Center

On September 15th, 2014 SoftInWay will be launching a beta release of its new Learning Center. The center will provide users with the knowledge necessary to design, analyze, and optimize efficient turbomachinery. The center will act as an alternative education option to SoftInWay’s full classroom training courses. Those with time, travel, or budget limitations can use the center to acquire engineering knowledge in the fundamentals and hands-on applications of turbomachinery.

The Learning Center will feature short lectures and tutorials using SoftInWay’s industry-leading turbomachinery design software, AxSTREAM. AxSTREAM is used by over 200 companies and thousands of university students throughout the world to design, analyze, and optimize innovative turbomachinery. Those who complete the center’s Fundamentals course and its corresponding exam will receive a certification for AxSTREAM turbomachinery design. This certification should be utilized when interacting with potential employers, clients, or universities to guarantee recognition of your skillset.

A subscription to the Learning Center is $100 per month. However, SoftInWay is offering 3 months of FREE access to all students currently attending a university, all current clients, and to anyone who has already taken or attended a full SoftInWay training course. Those who qualify should email to receive a code for free access.

SoftInWay strives to ensure the success of turbomachinery professionals by providing everything needed to design, analyze, and optimize the world’s best turbomachinery. You can find the Learning Center here: If you have any questions regarding the center, please email us at Check it out on September 15th!

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