Sustainable Turbomachinery

iStock_000015544357MediumThis past Tuesday was the 44th celebrated Earth Day. On Earth Day, more than 100 countries join together to literally stop and smell the roses, appreciate the splendor and beauty of Mother Nature and take extra efforts to be more conscientious for our shared home.

Turbomachinery, though not always the first thing that comes to mind when speaking on the subject of green technology, plays an important role toward our efforts for a more sustainable environment.

Efficient and optimized turbomachinery supports our society’s backbone in power generation, water pumping stations, oil and gas refineries, automotive industries and more by reducing wasted heat, energy consumption and the overall cost for users and consumers alike.

For serious social and environmental issues such as fuel efficiency and fuel economy, the internal combustion engine continues to be studied for design improvements that address these issues.

For other issues such as climate, several OEMs are putting their research and design efforts towards organic rankine cycle modules. We’ve seen a major trend in this working medium because of the benefits waste heat recovery and ORC have not only on the end user, but the environment as well. Benefits such as low risk of ozone depletion potential, no global warming potential, the availability and the low cost.

In 2011, the world consumed 20,329,882,000,000.0 kWh in electric power. There’s no argument, we need the power to survive, but it’s up to us to make it more efficient, reliable and cleaner for future generations. Let’s not celebrate Earth Day once a year, let’s celebrate it all year.

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