TBT Webinar: Centrifugal Compressor Design: Can You Really Avoid Choke and Surge?

It’s Throwback Thursday and we are sharing another of our past webinars! This week’s is called Centrifugal Compressor Design: Can You Really Avoid Choke and Surge?


Surge and choke are inherent, sophisticated phenomena in centrifugal compressor operation. They limit the operational range of any centrifugal compressor and cause severe damage to the machine if it is in surge condition. Several books cover the development of centrifugal compressor surge and choke models that can be applied in compressor control systems in order to avoid surge and choke; while these methods focus retroactively, there are some proactive methods that can be applied during the design phase of the machine.


This webinar focuses on design approaches that can extend the operational range and increase the surge margin and maximum flow capacity.

The topics this webinar include:

  • An overview of stall and surge in centrifugal compressors
  • Design approaches that could extend the operational range for centrifugal compressors
  • AxSTREAMTM as tool for centrifugal compressor design implementation + demo
  • Case studies and real scenarios

You can find the recording here, in our video center. Not registered for our center? Not a problem, just register and you’ll be emailed access info for all of our free learning materials.

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