TBT Webinar – Developing Reliable, High Performance, Advanced 3D Blades

It’s Throwback Thursday which means we have another one of our favorite past webinars! This week’s is called Developing Reliable, High Performance, Advanced 3D Blades. It was the first of three in a special Steam Turbine Series

Since 1884, steam turbines have been exemplary turbomachines that have improved throughout the years with modern design advances. As steam turbines became common, the competition heated up and today efficiency continues to be a hot topic. One trending technique that makes steam turbines most efficient is advanced 3D blading.

The art behind designing 3D blade geometry is to minimize losses. The creation of blades that satisfy both aerodynamic performance (minimum losses) and structural requirements is a complicated and time consuming task but with today’s modern design tools, your expenses and design time can be cut in half.

  1. Theory of losses and how to decrease them
  2. Advanced 3D blade design by OEMs
  3. Modern  approaches to steam turbine blade design
  4. Latest design projects performed

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