The Challenges for Turbomachinery Startups

Globalization, increase in defense expenditure by different countries, economic development and growth of air traffic has all resulted in the need for various turbomachinery components. The turbomachinery industry as a whole has seen extensive growth over the last few years and is poised to grow further in the next few decades. The development of Turbomachinery components namely turbines, compressors, pumps, turbopumps, turbochargers are a niche field with the technology limited to just a handful of major players. The recent interest in Un-manned aerial vehicles for military and defense applications, the environmental concerns and rising fuel cost has paved the way for development of small gas turbines and turbomachinery for waste heat recovery systems. Since the market is large and capital cost is not very high due to the equipment size, there is greater interest among technologist and entrepreneurs to step into the business of turbomachinery.photographer-and-plater_1160-733

However, turbomachinery design is still a niche field and require technical expertise, which is again limited. Naturally to get into the league of turbomachinery developers and to compete with established players many startups look at the short cuts which usually is copying of designs from existing players, scaling competitors’ products etc. Though this can help them in getting a product into the market sooner with lower cost on design, this is quite dangerous to the industry as copying designs, scaling etc. results in poor products with performance not being competitive which will lead to the premature killing of the product as a whole. For any startups in turbomachinery, they need to have state of the art product, which can compete with existing players who are well established in the industry.

Developing a new product requires not only huge investments but also time to develop prototype, test, collect feedback etc. This is a major challenge which every turbomachinery startups face, however existing players are blessed with the extensive test and operational data available with them, which is generated over the years. To overcome this challenge the best alternative for turbomachinery startup is to connect with a design house like SoftInWay Inc. who can collaborate and support in developing the product from concept to manufacturing. SoftInWay Inc. in the last decade has helped many companies to develop state of the art turbomachinery through the engineering consultancy, training and technology transfer.

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