Turbomachinery System and Component Training: Something for Everyone!

Mechanical engineering is an ever-changing field, and we want to be there to help engineers stay ahead of the curve, even while they are flattening it. In that spirit, we wanted to share with you our different training options that are available now. Whether you are looking to brush up on the fundamentals, or evaluate a software platform, this is a great time to train and explore the latest and greatest in turbomachinery engineering.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Private Corporate Trainings Online

First and foremost, the best most comprehensive training you can get from SoftInWay is a private session with one of SoftInWay’s lead engineers and your team. Why is this the best training option? A couple of reasons:

  • Courses are entirely customizable: The scope of these private training courses is tailored to your specific needs. Are you looking to learn the fundamentals? Or perhaps you want to expand your team’s R&D capabilities when it comes to turbomachinery, rotor dynamics, and 1D thermal systems? Whatever the application, we’ll work with you to develop a course curriculum which brings the most value to you and your team.
  • One-on-one consultation with our expert engineers on individual projects and challenges. Our engineering expertise ranges from flowpath design on a turbomachine, to rotor dynamics, as well as secondary flows/multiphase flows, and other all-encompassing projects such as liquid rocket engine design.
  • ll registrants get a 1-month license of the relevant AxSTREAM modules. During the class, users will be familiarized with the ins and outs of AxSTREAM, and be able to make use of AxSTREAM’s capabilities for 1 month afterwards.

The class can be as long or as short as you need and scheduled around you and your team.

What you get: World-class training on a turbomachinery related topic of your choice with one of SoftInWay’s finest, a 1-month evaluation license of AxSTREAM for the relevant machine type, and technical support to go along with it.

What it costs: Depends on the length of the course! Additionally because remote work and the need for social distancing are at an all time high, we have various promotions running for up to 50% off private trainings.

SoftInWay Training Picture
A Class Being Taught by SoftInWay’s Finest. Pre-Quarantine of course 🙂

Online Self-Paced Video Courses

Through SoftInWay Turbomachinery University (STU), engineers have access to full-length self-paced video courses. Like the private classes, these courses cover a variety of different turbomachinery component and system level topics. They make a great tool for engineers looking to learn the fundamentals of turbomachinery design and operation, as well as the best practices for designing and analyzing these machines.

There are two different types of course on STU:

  • – Theory and Workshop Classes: Covers the fundamentals of designing the machine in question (for example, axial and centrifugal pumps), and then goes into workshops and practical exercises where the student can design the machine in AxSTREAM EDU (more on that in a minute!)
  • – Workshop: Covers designing the machine or system in question in the relevant AxSTREAM modules, for example, designing a centrifugal compressor or axial turbine in AxSTREAM.


The list of courses can be found below:


Each course has a preview video so you can have a look at what the course is like before enrolling.

What you get: 1 month’s access to the course, a 1 month license of AxSTREAM EDU, and upon successful completion of the final test, you get a certificate that certifies you successfully completed our course.

What it costs: The courses cost between $275, and $400 USD, and covers all expenses related to the course (software, the course, certificate, etc.).STU_Thumbnails


Our online webinars are another great option to consider if you want a quick introduction to certain concept or AxSTREAM program. We record a new webinar roughly every six weeks from September to May, and we have a library of webinar recordings that you can review. Subscribe to hear about upcoming webinars here, and gain access to all webinar recordings.

What You Get: A quick overview of a certain turbomachinery, rotor dynamics, or system design topics and how AxSTREAM is able to help tackle such a project quickly and easily.

What It Costs: Absolutely nothing! Our webinars are free to attend, just register an account with us on STU (please use a business email address if you have one) and you’ll be able to see all of our webinar recordings.

In short, there’s something here for everyone, whether you are looking to get your feet wet in the world of turbomachinery design, want to get training for an upcoming project, or perhaps you’re just curious about the latest tools available to mechanical engineers. For more information on the different training options, contact us at info@softinway.com!