Upcoming Rotor Dynamics and Bearings Webinar

Join us for our next free webinar on September 3rd, 2015!


Rotor manufacturers seek design aspects which will lead to the maximum level of reliability. These aspects include support, which is most effectively provided by journal bearings, a vitally important component of a turbine. Without the journal bearing and rotor accurate analysis, it can be risk of catastrophic machine damage. Turbine components must be closely checked and kept stable for optimal and safe performance.

Our next webinar  will highlight our emerging applications for turbomachines, compressors, and other mechanisms used with rotors and journal bearings. The interacting influence of bearings on the dynamic behavior (rotor dynamics) of machinery will be reviewed and illustrated by the construction of analytical models.

The session will include:

  • Brief introductions to Rotor and Journal Bearings construction and their roles in the turbomachinery industry.
  • Introduction to Rotor Dynamic and Journal Bearings analyses.
  • Program application presentation and description capabilities and properties.

Who should attend?​

  • Engineers working in turbomachinery interested in calculating and optimizing machine rotor dynamics
  • Engineers interested in improving machine life and performance with optimal bearings
  • Engineering students interested in the future of turbomachinery design and optimization.

We hope you can attend! Register by following the link below.

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